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bookBulletin 1 - Clearance of cheques at ATM's

The bulletin dealt with losses incurred by clients who have been victims of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) crime. At least one major bank allows for the immediate clearance of cheques deposited at ATMs.

bookBulletin 2 - Pin Pad withdrawls

Criminals use confidence tricks to obtain a client's card and PIN while transacting at an ATM. Once the thief has obtained the customer's card and PIN he then can withdraw more than the client's daily ATM withdrawal limit using only the card and PIN at a bank branch teller Pin Pad.


bookBulletin 3 - Closure of bank accounts

The office has received a number of complaints relating to the unilateral decision of a bank to close or freeze accounts.

bookBulletin 4 - Bank cheques

The office noted a number of complaints based on the banks dishonouring payment of bank cheques.


bookBulletin 5 - Awards for distress and inconvenience suffered

The Terms of Reference of the OBS allows it to make an award (maximum R50 000) to the complainant for distress and inconvenience suffered.

bookBulletin 6 - Responsible lending



bookBulletin 7 - Propery assesments

The issue regarding mortgage bond evaluations has been raised on numerous occasions over the last few years. It was referred to in the Ombudsman's first annual report, in the Banking Adjudicator's Handbook and in adjudications done in the past. Based on complaints being received the issue still appears to be unresolved.

bookBulletin 8 - Vacant possesion

If a client fails to make the required payments on a home loan the bank can take legal steps against the client. This may involve eventually selling the home at a sale in execution.


bookBulletin 9 - Sale of properties in possession

The OBS received complaints that banks were holding clients liable for the full outstanding debt on a home loan despite the fact that the property had been sold by the bank (after a sale in execution) for a substantial sum.

bookBulletin 10 - ATM Banking

The purpose of this information note is to provide a background of the types of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) scams that occur, guidance as to how they should be investigated and how the Ombudsman for Banking Services (OBS) evaluates complaints of this nature.


bookBulletin 11 - Internet banking transfers

We have been receiving a number of complaints relating to the transfer of funds using a bank’s internet banking facility. Due to the ever increasing number of bank customers using this facility we regard it as important to alert the banks and their customers to a specific type of complaint which is occurring in this regard and what our approach will be in investigating each case of this nature.

bookBulletin 12 - Debit Orders

Debit order payment facilities are used by the majority of banking customers as it serves as a very convenient and useful manner of paying accounts.


bookBullentin 13 - Card cloning

The office receives a number of complaints relating to card cloning. This issue is of serious concern world wide and often receives significant media attention.

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