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The Ombudsman for Banking Services (OBS) offers useful information to banking clients.

bookCIN 1 - Clearance of cheques at ATM's

The bulletin dealt with losses incurred by clients who have been victims of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) crime. At least one major bank allows for the immediate clearance of cheques deposited at ATMs.

bookCIN 2 - Vehicle finance

We often receive applications and inquiries from the public relating to vehicle finance.


bookCIN 3 - Home loans

We often receive applications and inquiries from the public relating to mortgage bonds.

bookCIN 4 - Bank Charges

In line with the practice of other financial ombudsman organisations internationally, our office does not have jurisdiction over complaints about a bank's general interest rate policy or fees and charges policy.

bookCIN 5 - Set-off

The banks' practice of deducting money from a client's account to pay another account that is in arrears affects many banking customers.

bookCIN 6 - Old savings/investment account claims

We regularly receive complaints from bank customers who discover old savings books or bank investment account certificates and want their bank to prove that the money was paid out to them.

bookCIN 7 - Home loan service fees

We have been receiving numerous complaints regarding the increase in monthly service fees on bond accounts.

bookCIN 8 - Internet banking fraud

Many bank clients successfully use electronic banking facilities such as internet banking but as with any other type of banking facility, they are also exposed to various internet banking scams and fraud.

bookCIN 9 - Bank robberies/safety deposit box theft

Bank robberies and related violent crime are unfortunately a common occurrence in South Africa.

bookCIN 10 - EFT transfer delays

When making a payment or transfer from your bank account to an account held at another bank electronically (for example via the internet)...

bookCIN 11 - Address for service

We regularly receive complaints and enquiries about banks having taken judgment or instituted legal action without notice to the complainant...

bookCIN 12 - Settlement Agreements, Divorce Orders and your Liability to your Bank

The Office of the Banking Ombudsman often receives applications for assistance and inquiries relating to settlement agreements,divorder orders and the liability of the parties to the bank...

bookCIN 13 - Securitisation Complaints – The Approach of the office of the Ombudsman for Banking Services

This consumer information note deals with the approach of the Ombudsman of Banking Services to complaints of securitisation against a bank.

bookCIN 14 - Closure of Bank Accounts - Circumstances under which banks close customers accounts

This article is not in defence, nor criticism of the business practices of any company or the conduct of any individual or action by any bank...

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